GIA’s Leap of Technology: a Review of the iPad App

GIA Publishing Company has recently spearheaded a new project that gets my technological side very excited: Their hymnals will be available for the iPad! Although I am not a huge advocate of buying an iPad myself, I love the concept of creating a new medium for hymnals. GIA describes it as “perfect for choir members or churchgoers” who already have an iPad and do not want to “[drag] around multiple hymnals and service binders”. Furthermore, the app allows the user to create different lists of hymns (for example, one can create a list entitled “Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Music”). An organist using the app can actually create their list of hymns for the upcoming weeks while on vacation or out of town and without a hard copy of the hymnal.
The downside to the app is that, yes, you must purchase the hymnal as if it is a hardback copy (so about $15 for the pew edition and $20 for the choir edition). However, unlike other hymnals, once you purchase it, you can’t truthfully “lose” it in your office (or car, if you are like me). The hymnal will always be available on your iPad as long as you still have the app!

As of right now, GIA is currently offering the new Gather 3 hymnal on the app, but pew and choir editions of Worship- Fourth Edition are on their way as well as piano and guitar accompaniments for both hymnals.

You can check out the link with more information here:

GIA Hymnals- the iPad Editions

What are your thoughts about changing the medium of hymnals? Is it a step in the right direction, or is it unnecessary?


2 thoughts on “GIA’s Leap of Technology: a Review of the iPad App

  1. I think that is so cool! Thank you for this post. It is truly a changing world; I just read an article about how some high schools are integrating technology in this same kind of way–using the iPad to replace textbooks, allowing students to record the oral portion of their AP exam, and more! It is exciting to think of the potential of these gadgets as technological tools for learning and sharing knowledge.

  2. I think this is a great idea and if you search the Internet for Hymnals for the iPad you can find other denominational hymnals.

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