News from the Baltimore Chapter AGO!

We received this information from our friends at the Baltimore Chapter :

Concert to Celebrate Virgil Fox’s Birth

Organists John Walker and Donald Sutherland, together with several of their graduate students at the Peabody Conservatory, will present a special concert celebrating the 100th birthday of world renowned organist Virgil Fox. The Virgil Fox Centennial Concert will be held on Sunday, April 29 at 4 p.m. at Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1316 Park Avenue, in the Bolton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. Admission is free.

This concert brings together many “strands.” Fox was organist and choir director at Brown Memorial from 1935-1946 and simultaneously the chair of the organ performance department at Peabody. He subsequently became organist at New York City’s Riverside Church. Sutherland is the current chair of the Organ department at Peabody, and John Walker was organist at Riverside Church for many years before coming to Brown Memorial.

The program consists of works that Virgil Fox performed during his years as a faculty artist at Peabody and organist at Brown Memorial. They will be played on the church’s 1930 Skinner organ, Opus 839, IV/45, the very instrument on which Fox did his famous arrangement of J.S. Bach’s “Come, Sweetest Death.” During this Centennial concert, John Walker will play the Bach/Fox piece.

John Walker’s rendition of the Bach/Fox “Come, Sweetest Death” was also part of the acclaimed “Celebrate the Skinner” Tiffany Series organ concert a year ago at Brown Memorial. The large audience—many of whom were organists–was transfixed during this remarkable performance. A CD of that concert has been produced and will be available for purchase at the Virgil Fox Centennial Concert. Organists Marvin Mills, Michael Britt and Janet Yieh also performed in the “Skinner” concert.

Walker is vice-president of the American Guild of Organists.


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