A special Valentine’s Day message from our Illustrious Dean!

Dear AGO Bloggers,
I am especially excited today (Valentines Day) and the birthdays of two of my favorite composers, Joseph Willcox Jenkins and Jean Langlais tomorrow. I have just finished cataloguing the complete works of Langlais for my updated website http://www.ann@annlabounsky.com It contains all of his music, not only the organ music, with date of composition, category of instrumentation, duration, the location of the Voix du Vent recordings, volume, track number, and order of difficulty. What a job! Four Duquesne students, Aaron Sproul, Becky Yoder, Chaz Bowers, and Stephanie Sloan assisted in this huge project. They have been given a special view into his music that will stay with them I believe.

My husband and I founded a new recording company: http://www.voixduvent.com in 2011 for the packaging and distribution of my Langlais organ recordings: 26 CDs on seven different organs in the US and France with a 151-page book. It took over a year to get it set up but we are very pleased with the look of the new recordings. What better gift for the Langlais fans than this?

We continue our involvement with Campus Ministry in providing the music for the Monday noon liturgy with a brief organ recital following. We also work with Sister Marie Agatha Ozah in a chant schola which will sing for the feast of the Annunciation on March 25.

Do keep sending in your thoughts to the AGO blog which Amanda has really worked on developing. Did you enjoy the last AGO program? Are you joining an AGO certification study group? If you aren’t developing your skills you get stagnant and what better way to be with your colleagues and learn. There are Service Playing, CAGO, AAGO, ChM. And FAGO classes in progress.

And do stay warm in this cold weather!
Ann Labounsky, FAGO, Dean


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